Case 2: nutritional platform


This is a nutrition site in the making with a projected launch date in early 2020.

I am interested in nutrition and diet as a basis for good health, and this project is inspired by a desire to create an easy to use set of tools for recipes and food plans without any of the overtones of a 'weight loss' site.

My main criticism of the many apps and websites with a nutritional focus, is their complexity. They attempt to be so all encompassing that the user is inundated with choices and data, with the result that one often has trouble seeing the wood for the trees.

Some of the core functions of the site are can be seen under 'Cases' in the menu bar above. There is only a moderate level of front end design but the core functionality is present. Users can create recipes and combine them into daily diet plans or sort them by nutritional content. The nutritional data is stored locally, but much of the information is derived from the US Department of Agriculture's food database**. There is an administrative back-end to this application, which queries that database directly via an API and loads filtered information into the local database. The USDA's database contains a huge amount of data on American brand foods that are of doubtful use for European users, so we are looking for supplementary ways to source data.

When launched the site will contain a user and group function. Users will be able to create profiles and build their own recipe and ingredient databases and share these with other group members. The free form recipe builder will also be further developed to make it more intelligent and better at deciphering confusing or incorrect input.

In general our philosophy is to create something that is functional and easy to use, and is also relaxing. I often find that many web sites are so overloaded with flashing gismos and popups telling you to do all sorts of things that in the end you can get quite stressed!

**U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019.

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