Case 1: client questionnaire


This small application allows questionnaires to be presented to potential or existing clients. In this case a DASS 21 test that estimates a person's well-being on the three dimensions of depression, anxiety, and stress. On completing the test clients are shown the results and have the opportunity to make further contact with a therapist/counselor. The product was made for Copenhagen Therapy, who access it via a link on their website.

This is functionally very simple and could be implemented in a standard product like google forms, but there are a number of aspects requiring attention to detail that would be difficult to build into an off-the-shelf solution.

Firstly there are a number of variations of the 'customer journey' that can be built into the product. For example, it can be accessed anonymously via a website link, alternatively the therapist send an individualised link directly to the client via email.

Secondly there are several administrative views and functions that are not seen in the demonstration. Questions can be edited and new questions added. In effect the application is a general questionnaire management system.

Thirdly a good deal of attention was given to protecting the confidentiality of the test. For example there is no connection between any test results and any information that can identity a person. This is no doubt also possible in standard solutions, but the advantage of a customised application is that you have access to all the back-end logic and thus know exactly what you are getting.

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