About me


I have been programming for 35 years in all kinds of contexts. I started out with a lot of scientific programming in my original research field of geochemistry, and published a number of papers based on numerical modelling of chemical transport and heat flow.

I have a broad set of skills that span all aspects of the development process. I would classify myself as a full stack developer, with an emphasis on back-end programming , primarily Python and Django. I have worked extensively in production management and third line support for enterprise IT systems (at DSB, NetDoctor and the Berlingske group), and this means I am very focused on reliability.

My style could be described as detail oriented but pragmatic. I like to go for simple solutions, I don't like lots of fancy gadgets on a website preferring cleaner minimalistic elements that get the job done. I believe the main success criterion for a project is whether it make sense for the end user, rather than is it perfectly aesthetic from a programming point of view.

If I work for you then part of my job is to look beyond the specification and spot things that you may not be thinking about, but which can have a big influence on the success of your project. I am also highly concerned about the costs and the need to find solutions that are not more sophisticated than the task requires. There are significant differences between an application that services 1000 sessions a day, and one than services 100,000 or more sessions. There are many ways to cut costs if you know the scope of your project; there will be payoffs and potential gotcha's with every decision and I will engage with you on these points so that you don't spend too much money before you really need to.

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