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Like many other human activities, software development follows an 80 / 20 rule: 80% of development time produces 20% of the functionality. This doesn't imply inefficiency in the process itself, but is just a feature of almost any human product. The final 20% that costs the most money is what make your product stand out, and is also what the end user most appreciates.

In web application development the 80/20 rule is reinforced by the availability of development frameworks that allow rapid progress by recognising that certain repetitive patterns can be built into the framework, greatly reducing the amount of actual coding needed.

I offer total solutions for web application design, programming, deployment and maintenance. Working alone or in combination with a small circle of associates, I am well equipped to offer a very efficient individually tailored service to people who think that functionally rich websites are the preserve of large expensive development teams.

I can help you if your situation matches one of the following:

  1. You have a need for specific functionality, maybe to supplement your existing website. The abundant standard solutions that exist are hard to adapt to your precise needs .
    There are endless possibilities: It could be a productivity tool that solves a specific business task , or providing your customers with access to some form of organised data - either your own or supplied by a global database , or it could be a system for managing any number of tasks such as questionnaires, news-feeds, scheduling events, or creating user communities . You may believe that a custom solution would be far too expensive to develop, but you will be surprised at what can be done at low cost. The trick is to do enough to solve the problem and no more.
  2. You would like to develop a sophisticated web application but it is early days and you want to create functional prototypes rapidly before investing heavily in a full blown solution.
    I am very interested to collaborate with you at this pre-pre-feasibility stage of your project, providing a quick turnaround of experimental ideas and developing a good rapport where I understand what you want and don't push you into a solution that is convenient for me, but doesn't necessarily suit you.

    I can help you run through a number of iterations to test ideas and arrive at a functioning prototype. I can provide you with a flexibility that will not be possible if you engage a large software bureau and all the overheads that follow from such and engagement.

In my first example you want it to work, and be simple to maintain. You want an aesthetic design but you don't need to go overboard with lots of flashy front-end gadgets. You want to work with somebody who appreciates what you want and takes care of the details.

In the second case you need to work with someone who is not afraid to solve problems, and who knows how to prioritize and understands when to focus on detail and when to cut corners. I would anticipate that in this role I would eventually be replaced by larger team of specialist developers.

What I am good at: I would call myself a full stack developer, meaning I undertake a total solution alone. It means I can cover a wide range of skills and have a broad knowledge, but of course at the cost of more specialised knowledge. I am, on balance, most focused on the back-end development, meaning that products I develop would tend to be driven by the back-end. I program mainly in python within the Django framework. I put logic on the front end when this seems appropriate, I am not a religious adherent of any one approach, but have a general working mantra, which is Don't use a complicated tool if a simpler one can suffice.

I think you will find that I will rapidly catch on to what you need. If you want, try me out? Send a short description of what you are looking for and I will return very soon with a proposal, or just call for a chat, as far as I'm concerned nothing is wasted by having a conversation

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