Fast Development Cycles for Web Applications

Ambitous ideas? | Tight budget? | Agile approach?

Anatomy of a web application project

How does a typical project develop ? What are the main components you need to think about in a full stack web development process ? In this article I explain the main functional areas that you need to plan for.


Case 1: client questionnaire

This example demonstrates a small functional component, easily integrated into an existing website.

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About me

A summary of my background and qualifications, and my approach to development and to working with customers.


Case 2: nutritional platform

A set of useful tools for anyone interested in nutrition and diet as the foundation for health.

Motivated by our experience of getting lost in the complexity of many existing sites, we are creating an easy to use interface to retrieve the essential information to plan diets.

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Baby Bird Software is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and managed by Nick Rose, a freelance web developer creating value for clients by offering quality coding and web design for small to medium size projects. My aim is to help clients create advanced web applications on a low budget.

I undertake full-stack development and management covering all aspects of web application projects. My primary tools are Python, Django, PosgresSQL, CSS, and Javascript/Jquery, with an emphasis on server driven architectures. I am particularly keen to work with clients who think that advanced web functionality is beyond their price range, or with non-technical clients who nonetheless have a technical vision.

Baby Bird Software is a working name for RMN Consulting, registered in Denmark with CVR no. 18929686.

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